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Incredible 1960s Beaded Sandals by Vernon Humpage UK 4.5

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Incredible 1960s Beaded Sandals by Vernon Humpage

Made in Italy, these are a stunning example of 1960s beach sandals. Perfect for evenings on the Riviera or the front at Blackpool (Vernon Humpage's home ground). Leather insoles and straps foiled in gold. T bar construction and 2 side straps support an elastic ankle strap to which the bead falls are attached with a plaque in the shape of a diamond on the front. White and gold faceted beads to set off your tan and poppy red nail polish. 2.5 inch block heel, leather soles.

Excellent condition. all the beads are present and well attached. One or two of the strings have stretched slightly leaving a gap but its not very noticeable.

Modern size UK 4.5, EU 37.5, USA 7.

Internal length 9.5 inches

width between the two front straps 2.9 inches - narrow 


Will they fit me?

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