About Me

A lifetime of collecting, over 30 years of buying, wearing and selling vintage. I love 40s platforms, MOD flats, loafers, slingbacks, rhinestone heels and strappy sandals.

You can never have enough shoes I always say.



A passion for shoes drives Fashion At Your Feet.
As a shoe collector of 20 years I have an intimate knowledge of styles, brands and fashion fads.
Every pair at Fashion At Your Feet are individually sourced, there's no buying blind in bulk or by the kilo here.

Most of my vintage shoes are leather (or partly), for the simple fact that synthetic shoes don't survive well.
That old adage buy cheap, buy twice has never been more true than in this age of fast fashion. Where I do find synthetic survivors I always check them well to make sure they will bear being worn again.

My clients include museums, connoisseurs, shoe designers, re-enactors, collectors and costume departments in TV, film and theatre.
I have lent shoes to several exhibitions including Mary Quant at the V&A, and Rayne: Shoes for Stars.